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Because "prevention is better than treatment" as everybody knows, DataBackNow does its best to help all people protect their IT investments and work by protecting their computer systems: try always not to put yourself in a place where you regret it!

We advice you to browse our continuously updated resource center which contains very important articles from many useful resources.

General - Hardware
What is a hard disk?
Hard disk internals
General - System
Protect your computer system
Take care of your computer
Enable Windows Automatic Updates
Personalize your Windows system
Speed up your computer
Troubleshoot boot-up and shutdown problems
Using System Restore
General - Files
Delete files you don't need
Restore a file from the Recycle Bin
Empty the Recycle Bin
General - Anti-Virus
Anti-virus software
What to do if your computer is infected?
What is a Malicious program?
What data to back up
Back up your files
Back up your files manually
Schedule backups
Backup Windows registry
Restore Windows registry
General - Programs
Remove a program